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INSANE CALF GAINS only 4 mins a day

This workout is a simple four minute workout which can be done at your home with no extra equipment. People say you need weights and a gym to build calf muscles which is completely false.

My dad use to run on the beach and to date at the age of 70, his calf muscles are huge and plus he doesnt workout now as well. It all about the natural way you build muscle that will stay the same over the years. Luckily the calf is worked out everyday without your knowledge. If you concentrate on your calf muscle while walking you will notice how much it is being worked out.

So what are you waiting for, just take 4 minutes of your day and see the results.


Follow the instructions on the video.
Start off by doing:
20 Calf raises
6 step runs
20 Calf raises
5 step runs
20 Calf raises
6 step runs
(Do this daily, since there are no weight involved)