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NO GYM 8 Minute Intense Workout

The aim of this workout is to help people who don’t have the means and opportunity to get a gym membership to be able to build a body and physique that we will make people turn head when you walk in to a room or anywhere.

Do this workout and see the results for your self.


If you have enough space, utilize it to jog and if not, jog in one place for 30 seconds.
(Jog and push ups )
*Jog 50m
*Immediately do 10 push ups (3 sets)

(Jumping jacks and walk)
Jumping jacks 20
Slow walk 50m ( or walk in one place for 30 seconds) – 3 sets

(Job and push ups)
Jog 50m
Immediately do 5 push ups (4 sets)

Walk 100m (or walk in one place for 1 minute)

(Squat jump and walk)
Squat jumps (Regular squats if you are a beginner) 10
Walk 50m ( or walk in one place for 30 seconds)

Walking lunges 25