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Simple Home Workout, 100% Results To Be Healthier

Did you know that you can get ripped and stay fit and healthy just by doing a short workout at home. Well all you need is a few minutes, trust me I have been working out in the gym for at least 5 years now and it has helped me sculpt my body but when is comes making me flexible and improve my movements, it hasn’t helped me much. What helped me are quick and short intense home workout and I always incorporate them into my daily life style.

So follow the below workout and watch the video to start your life style change.


*Start off by running in one place for 2 minutes.
*Immediately followed by 30 seconds of Jumping jacks and another 30 seconds on side twists.
*Rest for 30 seconds and then do 2 sets of side squats (16 a set).
*Next do 3 sets of regular squats ( 10 a set).
*Rest for 30 seconds and do 2 sets of forward lunges ( 16 a set).
*Immediately followed by 5 sets of push ups ( 5 a set), 2 sets of shoulder tap push ups ( 10 a set) and 2 sets of alternative push up planks ( 10 a set).
*Next do 1 minute of mountain climbers and finish it off with 2 minutes of running in one place.