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Stay Indoors Or Outdoors

As the novel coronavirus, aka “COVID-19”, makes its presence known across the globe and as it continues to give out clear message of its ability to lockdown the globe, the need to curb the transmission of the contagious virus or in other words the need to flatten the curve is undoubtedly clear.  One of the biggest questions with the constant reminder of “stay at home” or “social distancing”, is if it is advisable and okay for someone to go outside for a walk.  The answer is “yes, walking is allowed unless you or someone who you have had close contact with sick, in which case you would have to self-quarantine and stay at home.

How do you go for a walk with Social distancing and curfew in place.

Since the rules and regulations are constantly changing, it is always a good idea to check with the police and see if it is okay for you to go outside your house for a walk. (Better check and recheck than get arrested).

However, given the fact that “social distancing” is highly advisable it is important you maintain distance with others while you do walk. Don’t think of walking out too far from your house as curfew is in place. Use a 25m-50m distance and maximize your walking.

As mentioned above, first check and get permission before you venture outside for a walk.

How walking can boost your health

Being outside, even if it for a short time is always good, as fresh air is good for your physical and mental well-being. Not only is it good for your heart, lungs and muscles, it is also good to keep you sane and happy, during a time of curfew and lockdown, which can in some cases make you moody and even depressed.

Even if it is just being outside your house walking up and down, it is good for you to cope with situations such as the global pandemic and other stressful events.

Even just a 10-minute walk can be beneficial for your health and it’s something the whole family can enjoy.

Be safe nevertheless and be wise.

Avoid walking if there are many people around. Don’t go out for a walk if the weather is not favorable and also don’t go out for a walk if you are not feeling too well, because the last thing is to exhaust yourself and weaken your immune system.

Given the fact that virus can remain active for up to 30 minutes, if someone walking past you sneezes or coughs it could expose you to the virus.

Therefore, educate yourself on all the possible ways of contracting the virus and more importantly protect yourself before you go outside.

Wear the necessary protective wear and then go out for a short, yet effective walk and head back home.

The bottom line and the obvious

This new lifestyle is something is going to be around for quite some time, even if things change and we return back to normalcy. Hence, it is always a good thing to stay fit and to maintain good health during the coming weeks and even possibly months.

It is also advisable to practice stretching, meditating and other such practices to enhance the mind, body and spirit at such a time, because it really is not something that any of us were anticipating or prepared for.

Whether you are young or old, walking is an easily accessible form of exercise. Just be careful, maintain distance from other people outside, avoid touching surfaces, practice good hygiene and enjoy your walk.