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Stay Safe And Workout At Home

With the prevailing Global Pandemic of Covid-19, all gyms and fitness centers will be closed for the foreseeable future. People are looking to order equipment and tools to get an effective workout at home but the issue is even though you order online through a reputable online store, the deliveries aren’t going to be completed any time soon. Therefore, bodyweight workouts are ideal at this time and having a few equipment at your disposal (DYIed, Dumbells, Barbells and etc.) will help you make your workouts more challenging and mix up your workouts to avoid the boredom of doing the same routine each day.

Filled Up Containers

With many people having pay-cuts from their salaries buying new equipment is of no point when you can find many items laying in your home that can be used for your workouts. Finding a 2 liter coke bottle, 1.5 liter bottle of water, 5Kg rice bags are just a few items that can be used.

Suitcase Or Backpack

Looking for a heavier solution, you can use a plastic bag filled with sand and place it inside the suitcase or backpack. Even filling them up with books, a few cans, multiple bottles would be ideal. With your backpack strapped on you or holding the suitcase close to your chest, you can do squats, lunges, glute bridges and side squats. You can also hold the backpack by its straps and use it for deadlifts.

Cloths And Paper Plates

If you search online, you would find many workouts which would use gliders for intense bodyweight workout. You can substitute the gliders with the above household items. On a tiled floor or flat surface with minimal friction, you can do reverse lunges and side lunges. You can also use it aid in an ab workout by placing your palms on the floor with the above item and sliding back and forward as you would with a ab roller. To target your obliques, you do this with one hand lying on your side.

Stairs And Chairs

Chairs can be used for pushups and tricep dips and the stairs can be used for cardio, step-ups , step-jumps and various lunge variations.

Tennis Balls

A tennis ball can be used for Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) which is a fancy way of describing muscle pain. It refers to pain and inflammation in the body’s soft tissues. Rolling tight areas with a firm press of the tennis ball helps speed up recovery, prevent injury and at certain times, it will be a feel good factor.

Broom Or Mop

Most brooms and mops in the market allow you to remove the pole out. You can use the pole for stretching, as barbell to build perfect form of motion for bicep curls, lying down tricep extensions. This will help you build muscle memory so when you have the chance to hit the gym you can go heavy knowing that your form will be intact.

Deck of cards

You can use this to create your own workout. For example, spades are pushups, diamonds are squats, hearts are crunches, and clubs are lunges. Draw 10–20 cards from the deck and complete the designated movements, resting 30–60 seconds in between.

Long Resistance Bands

The entire body can be worked out with these items. There are types of bans: long continuous loops without handles and long bans with handles. They both come with various levels of resistance and both can be used to achieve an amazing work out.

Looping the band around a solid object will let you do chest presses, rows, triceps kickbacks, standing twists or upright row. Placing the bands underneath both feet will aid you to do squats, biceps curls, front raises, side bends or overhead presses. Bands can work inner and outer thigh as well as the hamstrings if you loop the band around your ankle and also around a solid object. To increase the resistance you can move closer or farther from the object.

Booty Bands

These are smaller resistance bands which are used especially for working your hips and glutes. Loop one above or below the knees for lateral band walks and fire hydrants or under one foot for single-leg deadlifts.

Jump Ropes

Since you cannot go outside to do a run, walk or bike ride, you can use the jump ropes as an ideal cardio blaster. In between sets, just do a minute or two of jump ropes to keep your heart rate up to mix things up.

Foam Roller

Lets face it, this is one of the hard items to find in Sri Lanka, however if you have this item laying in your home, you can use it during your workout warmups and cool-downs to both activate and relax muscles. It’s also a great option for dealing with a stiff back from sitting more than usual.

Doorway Pull-up Bar

Another item which is hard to find here, but if you have it at home, it can be a very versatile equipment. You can workout your entire upper body as well as the core by knee-ups and leg raises. You can take it off the door and keep it on the ground and do pushups, triceps dips or mountain climbers.


Having a few kettlebells around your home can help you tremendously. You can perform all of your strength exercises  https://blog.myfitnesspal.com/7-minute-total-body-kettlebell-workout/  and get a great cardio workout simultaneously.


You can use light weight dumbells to do high reps for cardio and heavier weight dumbells with shorter reps for building strength.

Bosu Trainer

Another equipment which is hard to find in fitness stores. The Bosu ball can be used in place of a bench for exercises such as the chest press, where it’s essential to have your head and neck supported. Flip over on your belly and do reverse flys or lower back extensions. You can also sit on it to do biceps curls, triceps extensions and overhead presses, or lie down on it for crunches or glute bridges.

TRX System

If you have the money and means, investing in a TRX System is great for a full-body workout. There are tons of videos and workouts available online to help you use it to its fullest potential.


I hope this will help you start your fitness goals and if you require any support or information, please get in touch with us. We are here to assist you.